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The Academy Difference
  • Low teacher-student ratio

  • Differentiated small group and individual instruction and learning

  • Hands-on core curriculum with STE(A)M emphasis (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math)

  • Environmental Stewardship mission

  • Outdoor learning

  • Specials classes in Coding, Spanish, Choir/Music, Speech/Debate/Drama, Environmental Studies, Archery

  • Monday-Thursday Strength & Conditioning or PE

  • Campus located adjacent to Blue Hole park with access to nature trails and sport courts.

  • No "teaching to the test!"

  • Brain breaks on scooters!


Sample 7/8th Grade Class Schedule

7_8 Regular Sched_23_24.1.jpeg

Our goal is to provide our students with a well-rounded, challenging curriculum. In addition to core subjects, we offer Environmental Studies, Speech/Drama/Debate, Music, Spanish, Computer Coding and Art as well as additional extracurricular classes.  We also offer a robust Strength and Conditioning program, Archery,  Yoga, and PE.  After school options include Cross Country, Guitar, Choir/Piano, DND/Role-playing, and Tennis.

Click here to download a pdf version of a sample weekly schedule from 4-5-6th grade 2023-2024.

Click here to download a pdf version of a sample weekly schedule from 7-8th grade 2023-2024.


We believe that students benefit immensely from educational field trips and travel. Whether it's learning about Marine Science at UT Marine Science Institute, aeronautics at NASA Mission Control, or experiencing the natural world  in beautiful Big Bend National Park, these trips provide our students with unique educational opportunities and enrich their lives forever.

We also enjoy exploring local opportunities in the Central Texas area such as the Bob Bullock Museum, Blanton Museum, Johnson City Science Mill, Canyon Lake Gorge, Kincherff Guitar Marking Studio, WImberley Valley Watershed, Jacob's Well, Pedernales Falls, San Antonio Missions and more.  We love to explore !

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