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Student Life

Our students thrive with a nurturing blend of academics and extracurricular activities. They explore creativity through visual arts, stay active with athletics, and express themselves in performing arts and music classes. Our holistic educational approach fosters a deep connection with nature and a well-rounded personal development.


Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of athletic activities both during the school day and as extracurricular classes.  We offer instruction in strength and conditioning, archery, tennis and cross country.


Performing Arts

Blanco River Academy students receive speech and drama education and host performances and debates.

 BRAc students perform A Christmas Carol.


Under the direction of Marc Haygood, BRAc students are acquainted with the rich history of the a variety of genres of music and percussion. Students try songwriting, learn music history, explore different scales and harmonies, practice drumming, and are learning to play the ukelele. 


Visual Arts

BRAc students enjoy a broad range of artistic instruction from local artists in media like sculpture, graphic design, and painting. Often, the materials used are all-natural, like ink made from oak galls or paint made from collected dirt.

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